The Crazy Weather

Recently, I took a vacation to Florida and the weather was beautiful! The temperatures went all the way into the 80s and it was sunny every day. I was lucky enough to be able to experience this amazing weather, but unfortunately, we have not been having the best weather here in Ohio. In fact, Ohio has been voted for having the worst weather in the entire United States. Every single day, we seem to go through each season within the 24 hours, or even as short as 12 hours. For instance, we can go from snow in the morning, to rain an hour later, and sunshine right after that. Or we also go from being in the 60s on a Tuesday, then move on to being in the 30s the very next day. Hopefully our weather turns out to be warmer soon, or at least just get away from the snow and rain and move onto sunshine.

About Rachel Reichelderfer

My name is Rachel Reichelderfer. I am a senior here at BHS. I am a cheerleader and a swimmer! Go Wildcats!

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