Mountain Dew Kickstart

Some of you may know that many of our students have been consuming tremendous amounts of Mountain Dew Kickstart from our very own vending machines at Bath High School. The sole purpose of Mountain Dew Kickstart is to be a healthier option rather than waking up and drinking an energy drink, a coffee, or any type of pop. If you did not know, a single Mountain Dew Kickstart has about 92 milligrams of caffeine, which is better than drinking a cup of coffee, but a Kickstarter has around 322 calories, while a cup of coffee has about one calorie. Some of our teachers around here at Bath High School do not like the fact that the students are buying kickstarts for as little as $1.25, because it just so happens that it typically makes us very very hyper. Hopefully we do not get these taken away from us because it is a nice treat, but I think we need to learn how to keep our calm just a little bit better.

About Rachel Reichelderfer

My name is Rachel Reichelderfer. I am a senior here at BHS. I am a cheerleader and a swimmer! Go Wildcats!

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