Dodgers Can’t Catch Break

The Los Angeles Dodgers are yet to win a baseball game. Even with their returning players, they look like a completely ¬†different team from the previous year. Keeping a lead is an impossible task and cannot string up hits together to have a solid offense. Attendance for Dodgers fans are slowly decreasing since their streak started, they have lost faith. Their recent attendance is the lowest fan count in over 45 years! Even the die-hard fans you would see at almost every game have since pulled back from supporting their home team. With the decrease in wins and fans, the players are getting quite frustrated. Their pitching staff isn’t proving to be as successful as they have in the past seasons. The Dodgers’ Ace, Clayton Kershaw, hasn’t had the start of the season that he usually has. He has personally been struggling tremendously and his curveball isn’t moving like it usually does. He has been struggling tremendously. Cody Bellinger, a rookie of last year, hasn’t produced any good numbers like he did the past season. Hopefully, the Dodgers can get into a groove and bring back their adoring fans!

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