Boston Vs. New York

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees’ rivalry goes back since baseball was created. They have many great games coming down to who goes to the World Series or who would win the pennant. Last night’s game provided that it is the greatest rivalry in the MLB. The Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello had the start of his life with a no hitter until the 7th inning. The Yankees’ outfielder, Aaron Judge, ripped a double and the game came down to the wire. The Red Sox were up 6-0 going into the 8th and did not score for the rest of the game. The Yankees were putting hits together and almost made a comeback. The 9th inning comes around, the Yankees have bases loaded, and Gary Sanchez was at the plate.  He ripped a double into center field scoring 3 runs. The last two batters of the game struck out swinging and the final score ended up being 6-3.

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