Athletes Get Drug Talk

The Lima Police Department has put out a warning concerning four overdose cases within a six day time frame. This overdose has only been associated with marijuana smokers. It has been said that the people selling the drugs to the athletes/young adults are lacing it with Fentanyl. To help the sudden epidemic, the Ministerial Association hosted the Epidemic of Hope Weekend in Van Wert, Mercer, and Paulding counties. This past Sunday, Darryl Strawberry (a former Major League Baseball player), spoke with teen athletes in Van Wert about his past struggle with addiction. While involved with baseball, he was suspended three times for substance abuse. He is now 56 years old and an ordained minister. Strawberry told the kids that the reason why there is a drug epidemic today is because “no one is going back and caring for them and hearing them. Most of them are consuming themselves with drugs to take away their pain…” The Ministerial Association wants kids to know that there is someone that they can go to and count on- drugs don’t have to be an outlet to get away.

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