Try Guys Challenge

Photo courtesy of Mad Meat Genius

This week’s Try Guys participants were Chad Frey and myself. Wanting to be different, I went to Walmart and bought Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper chips. Advertised on the front of the bag is the saying “Freakin’ Hot.” There is also a warning label that says they are not responsible for any injuries that happen while eating these chips. Ghost peppers are one of the hottest peppers in the world. When we started the challenge, each of us had our own bags and the point was to see how many chips we could eat until one of us took a drink. Chad and I ate our first chip at the same time and it truthfully was not bad at first. After you chewed and swallowed the chip was the bad part. It seemed like the heat of the chip stayed in your mouth and traveled down to your stomach with the chip. After about ten minutes, you can’t really taste anything due to the heat of the chips. I had a Taco Bell Baja Blast to help me through the challenge. I was able to eat more than Chad and won the challenge. Be sure to lookout for the next challenge featuring Try Girls!

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