Shaquem Griffin

Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Shaquem Griffin is a linebacker in this year’s NFL combine and he only has one hand. For only having one hand, he is a stunning football player. Shaquem dominated in college and had absolutely no issues with having one hand. At the combine, he participated in the 40-yard dash and ran a 4.38. That time is extremely uncommon for a linebacker, most cornerbacks and running backs can’t run that fast. Shaquem also participated in the coverage drills and change-in-direction drills. He excelled well in both of those drills as well. He changes directions with ease and can catch surprisingly well for only having one hand! The only problem that most teams would see with Griffin is tackling NFL players like Antonio Brown and Julio Jones. The task could prove to be very difficult but he has the capabilities and mindset to be successful. He has proven that he is a better football player with one hand more than most with two.

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