Ryan Shazier Injury Update

Photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ middle linebacker is Ryan Shazier. He is one of the top young linebackers in the league and was faced with a super scary injury on the night of December 4th. He was playing in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals and suffered a rough spinal injury. As he went in for a tackle, his head collided on the side of a Bengal player’s helmet and his whole body went stiff. His original thought was that he was paralyzed due to him not being able to feel anything past his waist. He was rushed to the emergency room where they took him into surgery. Afterwards, he slowly started getting feeling back into his legs and is currently in rehab right now. He is learning how to walk again but is taking his time, a spinal injury is serious stuff. He will not be back in the 2018 season due to him having a lot of progress left to endure. The General Manager of the Steelers made a statement saying, “He won’t be able to play just yet, we’re taking it slow and seeing how it goes. He is recovering well just not fast enough to be back in the pads for the 2018 season.”

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