Possible NFL First Pick

Photo courtesy of The Game Haus

Penn State’s running back Saquon Barkley could potentially be the NFL’s first overall draft pick. The last halfback that was selected first overall was Ki-Jana Carter also from Penn State. He was very good in college ball but got injured in the NFL very early in his career and isn’t very popular or known for that matter in these days. Saquon is potentially to be selected by the Cleveland Browns. He was a very good running back in college but in the league today, it isn’t very good to take a running back first round because quarterbacks are the main points on the offensive side. If there isn’t a solid quarterback on the team, game wins are very low. The running back’s job depends on the Offensive Line along with multiple other factors. Today, it is definitely a pass first league so giving your first overall pick to a halfback over a quarterback could prove to be very risky. It will be interesting to see who is drafted!

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