Oscars 2018

Photo courtesy of redandblack.com

This year’s Oscars were definitely one to remember. Jimmy Kimmel redeemed himself and hosted a fantastic ceremony. It was one filled with many great gags and fun moments. Kimmel tried to keep the events running along quickly by offering whoever had the shortest acceptance speech with a new jet ski and trip. The Price is Right gag was definitely a good one, it gave the whole thing a very fun and care-free atmosphere. They also visited the movie theater next door to show their appreciation to movie goers. Stars such as Mark Hamill, Emily Blunt, Gal Gadot, and Lin Manuel Miranda went over and brought snacks such as candy, a six foot sub, and a hot dog cannon. This stunt was a viral hit and by the end of the night, many awards were given out for film excellence. “The Shape of Water” won best picture, Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand won Best Actor and Actress, while Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney won Supporting Actor and Actress. The ceremony was one to remember and was a great way to end another chapter of cinema history.