NBA “G League”

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For High School basketball players looking to get into the NBA, there is really only one way to do so. They play their high school years before going on to play college ball. Most play four full years but if they are a top prospect, they could potentially only go one. This rule became official and established in the 2006 NBA Draft and has been the target of a lot of controversy. Many believe that for the top prospects, the one year of college ball is a waste of time that they could be using to gain experience in the NBA. Others believe that the college experience is needed and makes the player a more well-rounded individual. Amid all of the NCAA scandals, the NBA is looking to possibly make a solution and end the controversy. There has been talking about creating a sort of “G League” that high school prospects can participate in instead of college. The point of creating this league would be to solely focus on basketball and prepare themselves for the NBA.

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