Le’Veon Bell’s Contract issues

Photo courtesy of adndeportivo.com

Le’veon Bell is now on his last year of his contract this season. He and the Steelers are in the middle of negotiations and they can’t seem to come an agreement on a set number. The Steeler’s argument is that he is asking too much and Bell’s argument is that they are too low. Neither one of them are budging on their arguments. The team wants to franchise tag him and if they do so, he will get around 14 million which isn’t bad at all. Bell wants something around 17 million. He is also wanting a long term deal but the Steeler’s don’t have the money of that extent to spend on him. The next top-paid halfback in the league is Davonta Freeman at a price of 8 million dollars but he pales in comparison to Bell. He is the best running back in the league stat-wise and the Steeler’s would be crazy to let him go.

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