LeBron James A Steeler?

Photo courtesy of CBS Sports

Steelers’ wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster is making a very bold move and trying to recruit the biggest basketball star of all time to make a huge switch in his sport career. Although superstars like Michael Jordan attempted to play a different sport like baseball, it is highly unlikely that this recruitment attempt will be successful. It is almost more impressive that Smith-Schuster feels he can make Lebron make the switch. Although there is a huge bidding war going on already seeing as how James is going to be a free agent, to make an athlete move on from both his city AND his sport is not very common. James was a very good football player in high school. He played wide receiver and was helped out by his 6’8 and 250 pound body. He could probably be a threat on any NFL receiving core, but to leave a sport that he has dominated for over a decade for a backup role in another sport just wouldn’t make sense. Crazier things have happened though in the world of sports though so we’ll just have to see how this plays out!