Bullpen Carts Receive Backlash

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Major League Baseball has been experimenting ways to increase the speed of games. One of these experiments in Bullpen Carts. These carts are basically golf carts which will bring relief pitchers into the game. It is very interesting because the carts are designed specifically to the teams and go along with their mascots. Some fans are not happy with this change because the tradition of new pitchers running into the game is classic and one they want to keep. The intimidation factor won’t be as prevalent if the new pitcher comes rolling in on a dinky little golf cart. Part of the game of baseball comes from mentality. The intimidation that the pitcher has when he comes in can really impact a batter’s outcome. If the pitcher comes rolling in, the intimidation disappears and gives the batter more confidence. The league hasn’t made this change official but the popular opinion is to have the game be kept the way it has always been.