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As you all know, we only have around four months left in the school year. If you are a senior, this means you do not have very much time left to finish applying to colleges, filling out scholarships, and making sure you have everything on the right path for your future. Also, the FAFSA deadline is February 1st, so hopefully if you are looking for help on paying colleges, you finished filling that out. If you have not yet looked at the list of scholarships you can fill out, just go to bath’s home page on their website and go to buildings, then drop down to high school, click on guidance, and then that leads you to all of the scholarships.  There are very many scholarships that the deadline has not ended on yet, so be sure to fill out everything you can to help get money to pay for your education!

About Rachel Reichelderfer

My name is Rachel Reichelderfer. I am a senior here at BHS. I am a cheerleader and a swimmer! Go Wildcats!