Who Works Where: Kobe Burchett

Photo courtesy of www.themet306.com

This week’s “Boy Who Works Where” in the Paw Print Newspaper, I decided to interview fellow senior Kobe Allen Burchett. Kobe started working at the Met in downtown Lima just a couple months ago. His parents were tired of paying for everything so he thought it wouldn’t be bad to have some extra money of his own. He also has a lot of free time since he doesn’t play a winter sport so being able to work isn’t a problem. Kobe does a variety of things during his time at work. A couple of things he does is clean the dishes, clean off the tables and reset them for the next customers, and mop the floor. His favorite part about the job is making money to spend on improving his subs in his car and meeting new coworkers. If you have nothing to do on the weekend and want some good food, make sure you go visit Kobe at the Met!

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