Who Works Where: Cameron Wallace

Photo courtesy of www.lakecody.com

Cameron Wallace is a sophomore here at Bath High School. Cam works as a lifeguard at Lake Cody on Ottowa Road, and absolutely loves his job. He has held this job since the end of May, which is when the Lake opens for people to swim and enjoy themselves. Cameron has to watch over the swimmers but with this comes responsibility. He holds lots of lives in his hand so it can be scary and rewarding at the same time. Cam only works with one person from Bath, Reece Spradlin, and doesn’t work with anyone from other schools. Cam said the favorite part of his job is the paycheck that comes, it is what he loves the most. He plans on keeping this job until the summer after graduating high school where he wants to attend UNOH for Robotics. If you go for a swim, make sure you say hi to Cam!

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