Unexpected Country Wins Skeleton Gold

Photo courtesy of The Durango Herald

When you think of the Skeleton event you usually think of countries like the United States and Russia. South Korea is definitely not seen as a powerhouse in this area. The sliding sports in general are not very popular throughout the country. But that trend will most likely change after Yun Sung-Bin won Olympic gold for South Korea. He was one of two skeleton athletes that qualified from South Korea. He is now a national hero after bringing the first gold medal to Korea for sliding sports ever. To practice for the Olympics he and his coaches had to build a course for them to work on, and the extra effort was worth its weight in gold. Sung-Bin was in first place after the first couple of runs, but on the final run Nikita Tregubov from Russia and Dom Parsons from Great Britain pulled ahead of him. Sung-Bin needed a great run to take gold, which was exactly what he did. His final run he beat Tregubov by almost 2 seconds, which is a lot by Olympic standards. His victory was one for the ages, and one that may push South Korea into the sliding sports spotlight in years to come.