U.S. Hockey In Olympics

Photo courtesy of SportsLogos.Net News

Ice hockey in the Olympics so far hasn’t been the best for the United States. Seven people have won a medal, four being gold. Five other teams have less than than seven people with medals so in all honesty, we’re not doing too bad. Canada has ten people with medals, Norway has eleven and Germany has seven gold with twelve medals all together. The United States could make an epic comeback that involves a lot of gold but there is doubt because of the little time that is left for the ice hockey matches. The main goal to me would be to at least beat out Germany with them having seven gold, closest to our four. The team with the most medals is hard to decipher considering that any team could medal more people. The cards are falling and those of us watching at home are on the edge of our seats wondering which team comes out on top and which team buckles under the pressure.

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