Steph Curry: Best Shooter?

photo courtesy of Business Insider

When people think of the best shooters in the world of basketball, a lot of them think of Ray Allen, Vince Carter, Kyle Korver, Steve Kurr, etc, but Steph Curry is now one of the names you are beginning to hear more frequently. On the court, there isn’t one spot that Curry doesn’t have a very high chance of putting through the hoop. That’s what it looks like to viewers and it’s making his popularity increase. Steph’s shooting average is a solid 47% and has an average 43.7% from three points for his career which is exceptional. The latest game between the Warriors and the Celtics gave viewers a real showcase of Steph Curry’s talent. He ended with 49 points, went 16-24 with total shooting, and 8-13 with three-point shots. The three-pointers he shot this game were amazing whether it’s three steps past the half court line or right on the actual three-point line he swishes them very consistently.

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