Johnny Manziel Reveals His Bipolar Disorder

Photo courtesy of Total Pro Sports

In a recent interview, former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel revealed that he has struggled with depression and bipolar disorder the past few years. He has attributed his struggles in the NFL with these personal demons. He said that he developed a drinking problem because he saw that as the only escape. His drinking and partying problems started all the way back into his time at Texas A&M. This raised red flags as he went into the draft, but the Browns took a chance and drafted him despite his questionable personal decisions. His explosive playing style was too much for them to turn away. They regretted this decision immensely, as he did not change his ways at all. Some would say it even got worse and the Browns had no choice but to release him. He has since checked into rehab and is seeking help for his disorders and drinking problems. He also recently signed a contract with a Canadian football team but has expressed that he would like another chance at the NFL. He claims to be better and that he will work harder then before, and just wants another team to give him a second chance.