Free Agent Pass Rushers

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The National Football League’s off season has officially begun. This is the time where everyone is either preparing for the draft or looking into free agents to try and improve their weak spots while making their teams better. Pass rushers are some of the top free agents at the moment. Demarcus Lawrence from the Dallas Cowboys is currently a free agent and had 16 starts, 14.5 sacks, one pass defended, and four forced fumbles in just 2014 alone. In 2015, he was injured after 9 games so his numbers do not live up to his possible potential. Ezekiel Ansah from the Detroit Lions is another very good pass rusher. He was ranked 3rd place in sacks in the 2015 season but got injured during his 2016 year. Although he was injured, he is still a solid guy who is very good at running the game. In the sense of pass rushes, he is a key player from coming off the edge. These two players can be a solid addition to almost any team that they end up on. A lot of potential is inside of them two and are young as it is. A few more solid players include Adrian Clayborn, Shaq Barrett and Julius Peppers.

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