Dan Gilbert Scouting

Photo courtesy of Factory of Sadness

Dan Gilbert, owner of Cleveland Cavaliers, was reported at the Oklahoma vs Alabama game with multiple scouts supposedly looking at Trae Young from the Sooners. LeBron James and Steph Curry have both reported that Trae Young looked special and definitely has some good talent. Rumor has it that the Cavs may have first round Nets pick and want to actually use it instead of trading away other players, and that is why Dan Gilbert was there scouting. Another rumor is that the main reason is so LeBron James will stay in Cleveland, seeing as the team was terrible without him when he left. Without James, the Cavs had barely 30 wins. The thought is that if Dan Gilbert brings in some new, young talent with this draft, LeBron will strike a deal. Any other options aren’t going to be very successful if LeBron leaves, the Cleveland Cavaliers could turn into a loosing franchise.

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