Cleveland Cavaliers to be Sold?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are upturned, in complete and utter disarray, and confused. One of the problems for them is their owner, Dan Gilbert. Many strong rumors are circling that Gilbert wants to sell the team due to their decline. One of the leading factors to these rumors and accusations is because it was heard that LeBron James would not commit to a long term deal with the Cavaliers. Dan Gilbert had personally asked LeBron to commit and LeBron refused leaving his future decisions in the NBA undecided. Another rumor was that Gilbert wanted James to commit to the team so that if he did sell, the team would be worth much more than if he wasn’t. This all lead to the rumors of Gilbert wanting to get rid of the Cavaliers while they are still worth quite a bit. If true, it would be a smart move on Gilbert’s part with LeBron aging and no young stars on the team.