Chief Wahoo Put Away

Photo courtesy of Indian Country Media Network

The longtime mascot of the Cleveland Indians has finally been put out of commission. The team has ruled that this logo will no longer be on any Indians gear starting in the year of 2019. The officials from the Major League Baseball decided that this mascot was no longer appropriate for being on a baseball field. The logo has raised questions over the past couple of years due to it’s questionable caricature of Native Americans. However, there has been backlash from some of the Indians’ fan base who see the logo as a historic insignia which has been a part of the franchise since it first started. Chief Wahoo has been used as the official logo of the Cleveland Indians since 1948. Other teams using Native American inspired mascots have faced similar scrutiny and many have stopped. Teams like the Washington Redskins have resisted the push for that change. Baseball’s Commissioner Rob Manfred stated that this move is being made to show more diversity and acceptance in the baseball world. They no longer feel Chief Wahoo is representing what baseball is all about.

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