All-Star Winners

Photo courtesy of Sporting News

This weekend, the NBA All-Star week was a very large success. All the events were very popular and had many viewers watching from their seats at home. The events included the All-Star game with Team LeBron vs. Team Curry and it was definitely the main event. The winner of the game was Team LeBron with the star himself making one of the last two shots. Donovan Mitchell was the winner of the Dunk Contest edging out in front of Vince Carter and many others. Devin Booker went against Klay Thompson in the Three Point Contest and won with a score of 28-25. They both have similar three-point accuracy but Booker was able to pull it off with one more than Thompson. There was plenty of hype throughout the week with all the different events but the most was the Curry and LeBron match-up. To me, it was the best All Star Game there has been in a very long time and it was so intriguing to watch.

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