Alex Smith Dealt to Redskins

Photo courtesy of Washington Times

The Kansas City Chiefs have dealt their starting quarterback for the past few seasons to the Washington Redskins. This definitely dictates that they are ready to move on to Patrick Mahomes and have him take the helm. The Chiefs drafted him with the tenth pick in last year’s draft. The scouting report has shown that Mahomes has a high upside and an extremely strong throwing arm. However, he has shown tendencies of being a risk taker which is very different from the stable Alex Smith. Smith is moving into a Washington team that has been looking to move on from their QB Kirk Cousins. Smith will take over as the starter for next year, and it looks like the Redskins will trade Cousins away to the highest bidder. The trade was made because Cousins was asking for too much money, and the coaches did not see him as a viable option for the future because of this. Smith however is just as talented, if not more so, and is not a financial burden. There however will be high demand for Cousins as a free agent. The Broncos are the front runners for him as they are in desperate need of a QB. This is an unexpected move but all the teams hope it works out in their favor going into next season.

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