XFL Plans to Make a Comeback

Photo courtesy of Montana Sports

America will have yet another football league that they can watch starting in 2020. The XFL will make a comeback after being shutdown after only one season of play. The league was looked down on as second class to the NFL. The playing style was a lot dirtier and tended to draw more violent players to play on their teams. Other classless acts like putting TV cameras in the bathrooms made lots of people dislike the league and resulted in the cancellation in 2001 after only one season. The league was started by WWE founder Vince McMahon. He says that they have fixed many of the mistakes that they had in their first attempt and that they will work to improve the quality of play this next time around. The league has planned to start with eight teams with 40 man rosters. The regular season will last only ten weeks, and will take place when the NFL has finished their season. McMahon promises to have a gimmick free league this time around and hopes that it has much more success then the previous time.

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