Who’s Who At BHS: Elijah Rister


This week’s sophomore boy interview in the Paw Print Newspaper goes to Elijah Rister. Elijah was brought into this magnificent world on December 12th 2001. He is the son of John and Tabitha Rister and is an only child. Elijah is a member of the bath football team and also is a member of the bath varsity wrestling team where you can watch him pin kids on the daily. In his free time, he likes to work on his wrestling and football skills but also likes to hang out with his family and his favorite cousin, Kobe Burchett. Elijah is a very likable person so everyone who also attends Bath High school is a friend of his. One fun fact about Elijah is that he is just an all-around fun guy to be with whether it’s in school or outside of it. Make sure if you pass Eli in the halls you stop and say hi or go cheer him on during his wrestling meets!

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