Who Works Where: Panerry Jerry


“Hi welcome to Panera, food that is good and good for you!” – Panera Bread. One of the people who put that good food together for you is Bath’s very own Jeremiah Bolon. Jeremiah works at the East-Gate Panera on 309. He has been working there for about a month now and plans to work there until the summer. Jerry works alongside of some other BHS students like his brother Isaiah Bolon, Adam Hinegardner, Alenna Bible, and Morgan Alexander. His favorite part about working there is about half of all the food they have with his absolute favorite food being their exquisite mac and cheese. This is Jerry’s first job and says it is an average job and doesn’t want to work there forever. He is not sure what future jobs he plans on having so next time you are in at Panera to get some food that is good and good for you make sure to say hi to Jerry!

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