Unlikely College Powerhouse Team

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

There has been only one team that has gone undefeated in all of FBS football. You would think that it would be a perennial super program such as Alabama or Ohio State. But the team this year was a team no one saw coming, and that was the University of Central Florida Knights. This team went 13-0 in the American Athletic Conference and upset #7 Auburn in the Peach Bowl. The team felt snubbed due to them not having a chance to compete for a national title. The committee however felt since their schedule was not the hardest and they were not part of a Power Five Conference that they were not worthy of being a part of the playoff yet. They did however put them in a New Year Six bowl, their second in the past five years. The team is celebrating their undefeated season by still calling themselves National Champions and putting up banners which say so. They feel the committee was wrong and that they could play at the level of the other big boy teams. They will have to prove that they can sustain this success, which is even harder now since their head coach just left to coach at Nebraska. The Knights are a team to watch and could surprise fans in the next few years.