Try Girls: Accent Challenge

Photo courtesy of YouTube

This week’s Try Girls is the “Accent Challenge”. For this challenge, Caitlyn Renner and I wrote down three types of accents on little sheets of paper and gave them to the other. The rules were that we couldn’t look at was written on the paper, hold it on our forehead, and try to guess the accent the other person was speaking in. I wrote down Country, British, and Australian while Caitlyn wrote down Country, British, and Russian. I ended up holding “Country” to my forehead and Caitlyn and I took turns going back and forth. Caitlyn’s Country and British accents were both good enough for me to guess what they were but Russian was a different story. I couldn’t guess the Russian accent until Caitlyn called over our friend Vincent Abrams. He started talking about historical events in a Russian accent and I finally guessed correctly. When it was my turn to do my accents, Caitlyn guessed every single one right. This challenge was definitely filled with lots of laughs and I would recommend it if you’re looking for something fun to do!

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