Super Sage


Sage Allan Mabry is a junior here at Bath High School and was brought into this world by his wonderful mother Debra Mabry on the date December 12th, 2000. Sage Allan Mabry has one sibling named Coral Mabry and is involved in football here at Bath High School in the fall. He plays different positions; Sage is hard at work in the offensive tackle position when our wildcats have the ball and plays nose guard on the defensive side. His best friends here at Bath are Fiel Deeds, Kadarius Nicks, Hunter Reed, Caleb Sanchez and his pet rock. He does not have very many hobbies but enjoys playing video games, watching football, hanging out with his cousin, and sleeping in his free time. He does not have a favorite food but his favorite color is blue and his favorite subject is Psychology. If you see Sage Mabry in the halls here at Bath High School make sure you stop him and say hello!

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