New California Seeks Independance

Photo courtesy of 4plebs

A push has been made by the state of California to split them up into two states. This new proposed state wants to become the 51st state of the US and be known as New California. This new state will incorporate most of the rural counties of the state, and leave the urban coastline areas to stay as regular California. The State has already taken its first steps by reading their declaration of independence. The proposed state idea was due to the fact that lots of citizens were unhappy with the way that the state was being taxed and governed. The thing is that this state will have to showcase their ability to govern themselves, this leaves many people skeptical, but those who are fighting for this are very optimistic that they could get this done. It will take a good ten to eighteen months before talks with state legislature can begin on something like this; but the push for the state to split is large enough this time that there is a pretty decent chance of this going on through.