Local News and Events on Facebook

Photo courtesy of www.facebook.com

Facebook recently came out with an idea to make it easier for people to find local news from different sources. They have added a new section to their app called “Today In”, which will be centered around local news, events and announcements. The first trial test are only being utilized in six cities at the moment: Little Rock, Arkansas; Billings, Montana; New Orleans, Louisiana; Peoria, Illinois; Olympia, Washington; and Binghamton, New York. The news that is published in this section will be looked over by a former NBC news anchor Campbell Brown, according to a company spokesperson. Facebook has decided to make this new rendition based off of last years election winnings. A lot of people look towards this app for news, and they want to make sure that they can be as accurate as possible to their app users. Facebook is hoping that this new section in the app will be a hit with its users!

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