Disney Increases Empire

Photo courtesy of logoseps.net

Disney has just made another purchase that will expand their already huge amount of rights owned even bigger. They recently purchased a part of the 21st Century Fox company. They now have the rights to many more American icons such as the X-men and The Simpsons. They now can add that to their giant collection which contains multi-billion dollar franchises such as Star Wars, The Avengers, and Pixar. The deal however will separate the Fox News, Fox Sports and Big Ten Network from Disney, making them stillĀ  a part of the downsized Fox company. The deal was made to increase tension in the entertainment race, due to companies such as Netflix and Hulu are slowly taking over the viewing population. The deal will make competition with service and what each company can provide. The two entertainment juggernauts are reaching out for every available company to further stretch their influence. The great race for television and streaming has probably just begun, as both companies have their eyes on many more targets to envelop into their grasps.