Courageous Courtney


Courtney Gross is BHS’s new Choir Member of the Week! Courtney is a fellow senior here at BHS and has attended since 2005. She was born here in Lima, Ohio to the parents of Ryan and Trisha Gross on December 31, 1999. Courtney is also a member of the Bath Chamber Choral here at BHS and is the leader of the alto section. Her favorite part about being in choir is being able to sing different types of songs, in different languages. Courtney’s favorite song is Jubilate Deo which is in Latin. Over the years that she has been involved in choir, her favorite production that they’ve put on has been the annual Dinner Theatre. Courtney has many friends here at BHS including Hollis, Lilly and Ash that she likes to spend some of her spare time with. She is most excited to go to Florida with the Band and Choir in January. Be sure to check out Courtney and the Bath Choir at their next concert in April!

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