Who’s Who At BHS: Hailey Bonanno


This week’s sophomore girl interview in the Paw Print Newspaper goes to Hailey Bonanno. Hailey was brought into this wonderful world on July 9th, 2002 by her fantastic parents Hiedi Fredericks (yes, THE lunch lady) and Bryan Bonanno. She has 1 younger sibling, Ashton Bonanno who is an 8th grader at Bath Middle School. Hailey is a member of the Bath JV Cheer Squad here at Bath High School. Some of her friends are Abby Bitters, Abbi Clay, Alex Davis, Kylyn Schadewald, and many more. During her free time, Hailey likes to hang out with her boyfriend Robert Mooney or watch some Netflix with her friends. Some fun facts about Hailey is that she has 3 geckos and likes to play music. Her favorite food is sea food, her favorite subject is English, and her favorite color is green. Make sure if you pass Hailey in the halls to stop by and say hello!

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