New Microwave Anti-Weapons

Photo courtesy of Popular Mechanics

This U.S military has come up with a brand new idea to disable enemy nuclear weapons. A weapon has been made that emits microwaves and fries all controls of the nuclear weapons. The idea came up due to the threat that North Korea posed with their multitudes of weapons of mass destruction. The new weapons are called CHAMPs which stands for Counter-electronics High power microwave Advanced Missile Project. They work by being launched form B-52 Bombers into enemy airspace. The weapon then emits sharp microwave pulses to disable all controls.”Think about when you put something in your microwave that has metal on it,” said Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M. “You know how badly that goes? Imagine directing those microwaves at someone’s electronics.” All controls are then lost and the threat is compromised. Smaller versions of this have been used in the war in the Middle East to disable homemade bombs being left around to injure U.S soldiers. These new weapon disablers are the future in saving lives whether it be on the battle field or in the skies.