New McDonald’s Renovation

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The McDonald’s on West Market Street had its grand opening Monday November 27 for its newly renovated restaurant. It is said that this new restaurant has an ordering kiosk that customers can order from. Along with the kiosk, McDonalds also has an app that customers can order and bypass the line. The owner of McDonalds, Jerry Lewis, feels that with the new technology the restaurant’s business will grow because of the convenience to customers. With the McDonalds app, there is a geofence that tells when the food should be prepared, only working once that person has crossed and confirmed that they are there. The self-serve kiosk that has been added will allow the customer to pay for their food after they have ordered. After the food is ordered an employee will bring it out to the customer. The main reason for the new McDonalds renovation was to have lobby ordering therefore allowing customers to sit anywhere and order their food on the McDonalds app.

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