Delightful Daniels


Riley Katherine America Daniels is a freshman here at BHS. Riley lives with her 2 brothers, Ethan and Carson. Riley’s parents’ names are Simon and Ann Daniels. Riley has a black lab named Nala and a cat named Zoe. Some interesting facts about Riley is that she loves miniature objects, she can sing with her mouth closed, and she hates water balloons. Some of Riley’s special talents include singing and playing the guitar behind her head. A couple of Riley’s friends include Jordan Dilworth, Pip Johnson, and Dasia Hardison. Riley participates in soccer, basketball, and track. In school, Riley’s favorite class is chamber chorale but her favorite teacher is Mr. Baker. Riley’s favorite season is the winter, and her favorite holiday is Christmas! When asked what Riley wants the most for Christmas, she responded that she doesn’t want much…but instead she would rather give gifts and enjoy the feeling of Christmas, and to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Her favorite Christmas song is O holy night. Her favorite Christmas food is ham. What Riley enjoys most about her favorite holiday is the happiness it brings to people. If you happen to pass this Christmas loving girl in the hallways, ask her to sing you a song with her mouth closed J

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