Big MLB Stars Moving Around

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Rising

It’s not even time for the Winter Meetings and we already have lots of offseason drama. Between the biggest slugger and biggest international prospect still being on the market, there are lots of money talks going on right now. The fastest play in the majors has been dealt out already. Dee Gordon was dealt from the Miami Marlins across the country to the Seattle Mariners. However, he has to make a position change to center field due to the Mariners having the best second baseman in the league: Robinson Cano. Gordon’s speed and fielding abilities should help as the Mariners try to increase their playoff hopes. Giancarlo Stanton has limited his trade choices to four teams: L.A Dodgers, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and the Houston Astros. His choices have obviously shown he wants to be on a winning team but who will be willing to pay his 300 million dollar contract? Shohei Ohtani, the biggest Japanese star to come over in a while, has made it clear that he wants to play somewhere on the west coast, no exceptions. His choices include the Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres, L.A Angels and the Seatle Mariners. Sorry east coast teams but Ohtani won’t be coming your way anytime soon. Ohtani however is looking for a very interesting area to live and not who is the best team. He really could end up anywhere as long as he can fly home to see friends and family in Japan easily.