Who’s Who At BHS: Nisarg Patel


Nisarg Patel has been selected for this week’s Senior boy interview in the Paw Print Newspaper. Nisarg was brought into this wonderful world on May 1st, 2001 by his lovely parents Kamlesh and Mayuri Patel. He has 2 siblings named Parth and Dev Patel. Some of the sports he likes to play in his free time are cricket and basketball, he also likes to watch sports in his free time also. One of his favorite hobbies is working. A fun fact about Nisarg is that he can speak up to 3 different languages and understand them. His favorite food is pizza and his favorite color is neon green. Nisarg’s favorite subject here at Bath High School is Math and Accounting. Since Nisarg is new to BHS this year make sure if you see him in the halls or have him in class that you stop over introduce yourself and make him feel welcomed here!

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