Who’s Who At BHS: Cole Hammer


This week’s Sophomore boy interview in the Paw Print goes to none other than Cole Michael Hammer. Cole is the son of Tony and Deesa Hammer and was brought into this wonderful world on June 9th, 2001. He has 2 older sisters who also went to Bath High School, Gillian and Lydia Hammer. Cole is a member of the Baseball Team here at BHS an is possibly thinking about going out for the Football Team next year. Some of his friends are Gage Iiames, Logan Davis, and Randall Schaefer the 3rd. In his free time Cole likes to eat food, play sports, and go hang out with his friends around town. Some fun facts about him are that he is an amateur drag racer and his Honda Civics’ name is Han Solo. Cole’s favorite class here at BHS is History with Mr. Place.  Make sure if you see Cole in the halls that you stop by and say hell0!

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