Try Guys: Basketball

photo courtesy of The Journal News

This week’s try guys is with Luke Best and myself. Mr. Gillette was kind enough to allow us to use the gym to play a little one vs one between periods. Luke has not played basketball since freshman year, so I did not know how good he would be. I have played basketball 7th grade, sophomore year, and now senior year. I am not the best at basketball myself so I did not know what to expect. We both were not very good we probably shot 6 for 50 for both of us. I won 6-2 though. We played by ones and twos. I tried to shoot a lot of threes and I could not make most of them, so I went to lay ups. I just played lockdown defense on Luke so I won. Defense wins Championships. Luke’s dribbling moves were one of the best at Bath High School. Luke is up for any challenge so if you want to play him just tell him!

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