Try Guys: Basketball

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This week’s Try Guys Dylan Mohr and I played each other in a basketball match. Luckily we were allowed to play in the gym in between periods thanks to Mr. Gillette. This try guys was really hard for me seeing how un-athletic I am and have not played since freshman year. I had very hard competition, Dylan Mohr, also known as Dylan “Slams it down” Mohr. He is one of the best varsity basketball players on the team this year. I had a very hard time dribbling the ball but my shot was not that bad. It was also hard to play in skinny jeans. We played first to six and played shots inside the three range are counted as one and outside are counted as two. Dylan ended up beating me six to two. It was an unfair advantage, but I will make sure to be grinding in the gym for our next game.

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