Tech Gadget of The Week

Photo courtesy of DailyNorthShore

This week’s new cutting edge piece of technology was showcased in the Illinois Holocaust Museum exhibit. It was a life-like hologram of Holocaust survivors, telling their stories. Holocaust survivors were interviewed extensively, and had their story recorded. The purpose of these holograms is to help keep the memory of their stories when they aren’t here to tell them anymore. It was put on display with Aaron Elsters, a firsthand survivor who wanted future generations to know that no matter what they can overcome all types of adversity. The hologram center, which is called the Take a Stand Center, cost $5 million to build. In the future, they hope to be able to make 360 degree holograms, and make it as real as possible. The new reveal has come with very positive reviews, and tons of supporters. This new technology could be used for many different things, and will be around for many future generations.