Teacher of the Week: Mr. Mccoy


Many of you at the school know or at least have heard about Mr. Mccoy. Mr. Mccoy teaches math here at Bath, and has been teaching here for eight years. Mr. Mccoy went to Pleasant View High School in Columbus, but three years after he graduated, they turned Pleasant View into a middle school and opened Westland High School in its place. He played football, wrestled, and also ran track. For college, Mr. Mccoy went to Indiana University for his freshman year because they had interest in him for football. Later that spring, the university announced a fee increase that was so large the students rioted and the university was forced to close the campus for a month. After that, Mr. Mccoy returned to Ohio State where he majored in mathematics. After 17 years in the corporate world doing marketing and market research, he yet again returned to Ohio State to get his masters and teaching credentials. Mr. Mccoy has been teaching for 22 years all together. What he enjoys the most about teaching is being able to interact with the students and watching them succeed in a subject that can be difficult for many. Whenever Mr. Mccoy has free time he likes to play golf, and hang out with his chocolate lab named Toby. Some hobbies he has picked up are playing golf, playing guitar, reading, and yelling at the TV while watching Ohio State football games. If he were to give advice to our students, he would tell them that they can achieve any goal if they work hard enough. Just figure out what you love to do and find a way to make a living doing it, and if you can do that you will be happy. If you ever see Mr. Mccoy, make sure to ask him how his day is going!

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