Local Election Examination


Not too long ago, on Tuesday November 7th, the elections were held throughout the various districts in the state of Ohio.  These elections were held to determine many different positions on our school board, our township, and even the city of Lima.  Van F. Spragg and Bob Birkemeier both ran for positions on the school board and both were awarded those positons, since only two people ran and they normally elect three people.  Five people ran for the positions to be a Bath Township Trustee and those people were Brad Baxter, Roy A. Hollenbacher, Michael D. Meeks, Kevin L. Schmiedebusch, and Robert E. Sielschott.  The two people who receive the most votes are placed on the Board of Trustees and those two people were Brad Baxter, who received 963 votes, and Robert E. Sielschott, who received 1,177 votes.  If you ever run into any of these amazing people be sure to congratulate them on their new elected positions.

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