Jerry Jones Won’t Stop Going Against Roger Goodell

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

Over the past couple weeks, Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has gone to the NFL to fight Roger Goodell’s contract extension. Goodell is the NFL commisioner and Jones believes he is rushing the extension. As of now, Goodell’s contract is set to expire in 2018. Jerry has quoted saying, “He has 18 months. We’ve got all the time to extend him, slow the train down.” Jones has said that he has a good replacement in mind for Goodell and the committee has disputed his remarks.¬†Jerry Jones has also been sent a cease-and-desist warning by the committee but held a conference that discussed the contract extension. Despite Jones’ efforts to stop the extension from happening, the committee is still trying to extend it. If Roger Goodell’s contract gets extended, Jerry Jones has said that he will sue the NFL. Jones will not back down from this fight.

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